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BrainScript Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd is a software development and training company situated in the beautiful tranquil settings of Kottayam city, the land of Letters, Lakes and Latex, Kerala, India. BrainScript brings a pool of expert IT professionals with hands-on experience and ISO 9001 certified methodologies to make the most of new opportunities for small and large – scale businesses alike. We create intuitive software applications for clients in complex domains.


Brainscript Analytica is a serious try from Brainscript Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd to fill the huge gap between the demand and supply of Data Scientists. Being the newest revolution in IT industry, Big Data has been the talk of the industry. We wanted to make sure that the present generation of computer graduates gets the maximum benefits of this revolution. That is where we had designed precisely structured courses for both computer science students and lecturers.

We transform your vision into products.

Bigdata Analytics

Our Big Data expertise allows us to look for insights in large, complex digital data from multiple disparate sources.
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Custom Applications

Developing software applications that are flexible with practically any feature you may desire is our forte.
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Website Development

BrainScript helps you redefine and manage your online presence that reaches out defying boundaries.
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